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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s different about ZUFOLO searches?

How do I start searching?

It's easy to get started, simply register here and create a quick taste profile, then click on search and see your results immediately!

What’s different about ZUFOLO reviews?

Why should I become a reviewer and how do I become one?

ZUFOLO reviewers are rewarded in a number of ways.

As you use the app frequently, you will receive an invitation to become a certified reviewer. Alternatively, you can request an invitation using our contact form, just give us some details about yourself and what you think a great dining experience should include. Each reviewer can send out up to 5 invitations to other foodies they know and trust.

How does ZUFOLO preserve the integrity of their reviews?

ZUFOLO uses six independent methods to ensure the highest quality real reviews come from trusted sources.

What are the ZUFOLO scoring criteria?

You can see every item that each ZUFOLO rated restaurant is scored on below.

Each category is scored from 1-5 with the following guide and considering appropriateness for the venue

Food: 30 pts

Service: 30 pts

Atmosphere: 30 pts

Miscellaneous: 10 pts

What’s different about the restaurant owner experience on ZUFOLO?

Owners have a suite of useful tools to help improve their business.